I opened my Goosehead Franchise in May of 2014. I left a large captive agency and haven’t looked back.

Gooseheads model has given me the ability to grow an agency without the stress managing a service team. This unique model is what attracted me to the opportunity in the first place. Goosehead’s Service Team has allowed me to build a sales force and concentrate my efforts on growing a profitable agency. I saw my last agency grow quickly in 4 years but the peak of the growth was inevitable. I found it difficult to keep up with the service my customers needed. I hired more service team members and spent more money just to keep my clients. It seemed that my day went from trying to grow accounts to trying not to lose accounts.

Now that I have been with Goosehead for almost a year, I see the opportunity is endless. No matter how many accounts I write, Goosehead’s Service Team will handle it far better than I ever could. Today, my time is now focused solely on growing my business. I can focus on writing insurance policies that meet my client’s needs. I am 100% confident that my clients are taken care of after the sale.

Ryan Sacchieri

Goosehead Insurance is revolutionary, phenomenal, simply AAA+ Rated. My wife Natalia Zaldivar & myself are thrilled, excited, and pumped to have a career path that promises growth and financial freedom while providing us and our customers quality support. Goosehead Insurance is the solution for all Independent Agents that are seeking a piece of mind, hands down! We welcome you to join us - like Josh Tampa told us when we first considered Goosehead Insurance - I now promise you the absolute best; you won’t regret it.

Ernest Gonzalez

I appreciate how hard the service team works and what an asset they are to helping me build my business! All interactions I have had with members on the service team have been nothing short of professional combined with a great attitude. Thank you for all that you do!

Jennifer Garza

I have been a Goosehead agency owner for just about 2 years and I am enjoying the highest revenue and profits of my insurance career. The infrastructure is the best I’ve ever encountered. I couldn’t be happier!

Geoff Sterner